- The Experience -

Harmonia Song Sound Therapy is an individual experience using intention, breath, sound and vibrational frequencies to harmonize a state of well being. The recipient is invited to enter a deep state of relaxation while the resonant sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls interact with the body and mind at rest.

The singing bowls are handmade by a clan of craftsmen living at the base of Mt. Everest in Nepal. This clan has been making singing bowls for this purpose and in this way for many generations. 

Each bowl is created in a unique musical key from A - G. In this tradition, Nepalese Masters have developed specific sequences in which to play the bowls, called protocols. The protocols used are original and have been passed down through oral tradition by Nepalese Masters for many centuries.  


The experience starts with light breathwork and intention setting. The recipient will then lie down on a massage table with the singing bowls placed around the body. The bowls are arranged by musical key and in line with body meridians. The recipient should allow 60 minutes for a session.


Mission Statement

To spread harmony through the art of sacred sound.



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