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Meet the Practitioner

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My Song has been a part of me from the very beginning. I would hear it while riding my bicycle through the park. I would hum it while playing with dandelions in the field. We each have a unique Song within us that can be heard when we find stillness, breathe and cultivate joy in the moment.

Growing up, music has always played an important part in my life. I am grateful that my parents supported this through exposure of many genres of music, as well as violin training. As my taste for music developed, I found myself floating on a cloud after attending live performances. Around this time I found yoga and meditation as a way to 'tune in' to the inner harmony I felt intuitively.

The Singing Bowls came to me unexpectedly. While looking for a yoga class, I came across a 'Sound Bath' event which piqued my interest. The resonance of the bowls, along with observing the breath, created a flow of energy between body and mind. I found I could work with this energy by adding intention to manifest joy, peace and compassion within.

Although this experience was profound, my decision to work with Singing Bowls took a winding path. Over the next few years I was fortunate to travel extensively and become introduced to the arts of herbalism, sacred music, tea ceremony, energy healing, mantra, breath work, and other various healing arts. It was through these experiences I was lead to my teacher Suren Shrestha of Atma Buti School in Boulder, CO, where I became a certified Atma Buti Practitioner of Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy.

Because words are labels that can not be experienced directly, I kindly use as few as possible to define my current practice. I am eternally grateful for the Nepalese master who trained me on how to use Himalayan Singing Bowls to share my Song with others. 

With Deep Gratitude,


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